August 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

The Homonym sisters are quite the pair. Awed is the younger of the two and she is what psychics refer to as a ‘new soul’. She is child-like and in wonderment of everything around her. She is easily impressed and distracted by bright shiny objects. She has a great heart and nothing but kind intentions. Her naïveté has gotten her into some sticky situations before, but luckily she has her older sister Odd to help her out. Odd has never fit in with the crowd and always had to make her own way. Having a sister like Awed, has made her a bit of a pessimist and a pretty solid realist. Conversations with Odd never go smoothly and chances are you’ll come away not sure how she feels about you. All in all, she is harmless and cares very much for her sister, who finds her fascinating and remains her constant companion.


1. Homonym, homophone,  and homograph  designate words that are identical to other words in spelling or pronunciation, or both, while differing from them in meaning and usually in origin.


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