Comma splice

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is actually two beasts  who try to pass as one, for various reasons. You will find them in line-ups trying to get away with buying only one ticket, or in the restrooms trying to use one stall. They can be confusing because even though they try to be one beast, they often have different topics they like to talk about. The quickest way to spot a Comma splice is to note the patterns on their dress. One insists on wearing floral prints and the other will insist on poke-a-dots.


1. A comma splice is the use of a comma to join two independent clauses


§ One Response to Comma splice

  • Marjorie Story says:

    This comment actually applies to Run-Ons.

    Earlier in this e-book, I read a comment which I recognized as being from your Mother. In it, she called you a genius. How neat is that, to have your Mother think you a genius!

    Of course I agree with her. Any lover of James Joyce would howl in recognition of this quote.

    I pray for your son in U.A.E. That part of the world is not at rest.

    luv to you and yours on Habersham Street,


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