Antonym & Synonym

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The incident involving Antonym and Synonym, the Homonym sisters and the garden gnome is all but legend. But what is not commonly known is that Antonym and Synonym are twins. They were born to the Viking queen Thesaura. On their birthday a witch cursed them and told Thesaura that neither boys would rule the kingdom because they would fight and chase each other like the sun and the moon. Sure enough, they grew up in constant strife. Antonym reveled in bipolar clashes of opposites. Synonym preferred things to be similar and comfortably common to each other. The feud that sent them into an ongoing war began when Thesaura ordered them to decorate the castle together for the spring festival. She hoped that in being forced to work together they would come to understand each other and get along. But before the boys could even order the decorations they started fighting about the colors of the kingdom. Synonym was convinced that the official colors were cobalt and ultramarine blue and Antonym claimed they were red and green. Antonym declared Synonym’s claim heretical and cause for treason and drove his brother out of the kingdom. Thesaura never got them to reconcile and ended up leaving her kingdom to her sister’s adopted child’s goldfishes’ previous owner.


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